BALI life

Hello from Bali everyone!

Writing this post from the Uluwatu beach here in Bali; this is the picture of my first Balinese sunset last week.(how amazing!)

Going back to city life in a couple of days but couldn't be happier to have experienced this amazing place and culture this summer.

Will be sharing more pictures with you soon!
Hope you are enjoying your summer holidays as well :)



Summer must haves

 Summer is finally here and we need to be prepared for those extreme weather changes for our hair and skin,
For me these were my salvation during Maldivian hyper hot weather!

1)Le Sac transparent from Delvaux: was perfect to carry all my beach essentials without feeling like I was missing something, plus the plastic material makes it easy to clean water and sand.

2)Eyko waterproof eyeliner: If you are a crazy freak like me about having a bit or magic make-up in your eyes (even in water) try this Eyko one,  really good and will stay for your whole morning in the sea/pool.

3)La Mer 30SPF sunscreen protection: To me La Mer products are a totally must in  my beauty routine and when I saw they were releasing this sun care gamma I couldn't help it but to go and get it asap. This one is perfect since the consistency is light and will give you the protection you need while  getting you a beautiful glowing effect.

4)Aveda Sun Care Protective hair vail: If you like spending hours (not recommended) in the sun and water, at least try to protect you hair agains this. I used this Aveda hair vail and totally loved it.

5)Aveda after-sun hair masque: Use it when going to shower to get the feeling of clean and lighter hair. I use it for preparation before styling.

6)Avene 50spf protection: For upper-body full protection and even legs if you feel like not exposing yourself to direct sun. I try to never use oils but instead protect my skin as much as possible. Sun can be very damaging and dangerous in the long term.

7)Marni Sandals: (must for every type of summer holiday)

8) Versace sunnies (bring as many sunnies as you want, one thing you will be wanting to have all morning on!)

Hope this was helpful and any questions, please share! 



Maldives dream


Photos taken with Leica C and Iphone 5

Made a small compilation on what almost 10 days in the Maldives looked like for me. Cannot describe the beauty of this place in words, it was just pure magic. Mother nature at its best. 
While having the courage to swim around sharks and stingrays, my summer holidays for 2014 are now complete and will stay with me for the rest of this year for sure. 

Now that I've been in 3 different continents and more than 5 different countries, I will be sharing with you all the pictures taken from Capri to Portugal and just now in St. Tropez. 

Thank you for keeping me company while I discover this amazing places and adventures! #chicmusesummer


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